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Car wash equipment AUTOBASE- AB-121

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Thanks for your continued support Autobase! We will provide you with better service!

—— BOSCH Car Service

Autobase manufacturing automatic washing machine is used 3M car care chain, we have been very grateful!

—— 3M car care

Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in China using automatic washing equipment Autobase is the most effective support of our work!

—— Mercedes-Benz manufacturing pl

Mobil car care since 2006 has been used Autobase car wash works well, we will provide the best service support!

—— Mobil car care

Provide professional services the Autobase automatic car washing machine for the BMW global.

—— BMW Car Service China

The Autobase automatic car wash equipment Benz 300 service organizations in China, to provide quality services to our sense of autobase wash systems

—— Mercedes-Benz china

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Car wash equipment AUTOBASE- AB-121

Trung Quốc Car wash equipment AUTOBASE- AB-121 nhà cung cấp

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Place of Origin: BEIJING,CHINA
: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: AB-120

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: One Set
: USD 136508~136518 / Set
Packaging Details: Wooden case and nude packing
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Chi tiết sản phẩm

Autobase wash systems has 15 years experience in car wash manufacturing area. The design and R & D team are built of Chinese and German engineers. The patented technology and trade mark is under international protection

The stable quality assurance of the products makes autobase enjoy good reputation all over the world. There are Huge consumer groups in more than 60 countries.. In 2009, Autobase is honored as the fastest growing and most competitive brand of car washing machine by the international car wash association.

There are two brands of Autobase. One is AUTOBAE (High end brand) , another is TEPO-AUTO. (middle end brand)

There are 26 branches all over the world responsible for the sell and after sell services for autobase products.

AUTOBASE wash systems include Car washing machine , bus washing machine, truck washing machines, garbage trucks washing machines, train washing machine, subway washing machines and other military vehicles .washing machines.. TEPO-AUTO car washing machine of Autobase has entered into the top three ranks of global sales, it is well received and supported by the global clients.

Car wash equipment AUTOBASE- AB-121

The washing height of Autobase car wash can be designed specially according to the customers’ requirements, the height ranges from 2.1 meters to 2.35 meters and also the length of the conveyor can be designed and manufactured ranging from 18 meters to 50 meters.

In 2010, Autobase had made Overall upgrade and technical improvements for AUTOBASE series tunnel car washing machine. The combinable functional configuration makes the customer have more choices on the car washing equipment.Every systems of AUTOBASE Tunnel car wash is optimized to best satisfy the global customers.


Car wash equipment AUTOBASE- AB-121

The streamline washing methods enable all models can meet 60-80 cars/hour washing requirements.When Autobase is applied in the professional car wash station , Their security, stability, comfort , energy saving and environment protection are effectively protected. Autobase car wash machine own many patented technologies in global car washing industry and it reaches the highest quality in global car wash industry after decades of application.The adjustable speed is another human design of Autobase Tunnel car wash . When meets customer needs, the tunnel car wash will not cause a vehicle backlog Comprehensive security measures can keep customers use

Car wash equipment AUTOBASE- AB-121

1. It is made of 5mm thick reinforced steel, also equipped with the wheel alignment device.
2. It is equipped with vehicles corrector device.
3. It adopts strict hot galvanizing , and its corrosion resistance ability can reach up to 20 years.
4. This kind of conveyers can hold tire with a maximum diameter of 33 cm
5. The dragging devices is consisting of reinforced high-carbon steel chain
6. 6.The dragging wheel adopt both the nylon and the steel, it can achieve noiseless and work stability.
7. The drive shaft and gear is made by reinforced high carbon steel and its life span is up to 35years.
8. The whole systems adopts wheel protection device and Preventing derailed device.
9. Tires running adopt dual trapezoidal design, effectively ensuring the minimum resistance when the car is moving
10. It equips the checking port for the chain maintenance.
11. The whole systems is manufactured adopt Separate type



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