The coming of the era of intelligent automatic car wash

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The coming of the era of intelligent automatic car wash

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The coming of the era of intelligent automatic car wash

  Today ,it is no longer a novelty for automated car wash servicein in Chinese  car wash services market then why the car-washing service can not meet the needs of car washing market?It will be traced back to the field of automatic car wash machine. it is only a short decade for utomatic car washer from the birth to development in China, low-end and shoddy automation become the pronoun of the automatic car washer today.Here we deeply analyze the automatic car wash machine equipment should be what appearance!

The coming of the era of intelligent automatic car wash
  In the automatic car wash machine's manufacturing,technology research and developmentthe autobase is in the cutting-edge,we rely on the current world's experience to see the real side of the internationalization of intelligent automatic car washer.Why intelligent washing machine spread and accepted by the car wash market  in Europe so quickly?That is really intelligent automatic car wash machine can realize no one on duty,washing every step of the work automatically,automatic charging and intelligent management systems, and many other complex integration of the work.Today,you can see the figure of intelligent washing machine in the United States and Europe everywhere,both them are highly intelligent!it is extremely scarce distribution for developed countries in the field of fundamental service personnel employed,many service professionals are flocking to the top of the industry chain.So who will act the basis of car washing service?After decades of development experience,intelligence era of car washer is not imagination,but a fact of life.

The coming of the era of intelligent automatic car wash
  In China,is it necessary to realize to provide professional services by intelligent automatic car wash machine?The answer is yes!need certainly .Because China's infrastructure services practitioners already be scarce and show incisively and vividly in recent years!at present,intelligent automatic car wash machine is not too much practice case in China,because slight higher than the ordinary automatic car wash machine,combined with industry personnel's quality and service consciousness which determines the intelligent automatic car washer carried out slowly.    

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