“Aoba” industry Update

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Thanks for your continued support Autobase! We will provide you with better service!

—— BOSCH Car Service

Autobase manufacturing automatic washing machine is used 3M car care chain, we have been very grateful!

—— 3M car care

Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in China using automatic washing equipment Autobase is the most effective support of our work!

—— Mercedes-Benz manufacturing pl

Mobil car care since 2006 has been used Autobase car wash works well, we will provide the best service support!

—— Mobil car care

Provide professional services the Autobase automatic car washing machine for the BMW global.

—— BMW Car Service China

The Autobase automatic car wash equipment Benz 300 service organizations in China, to provide quality services to our sense of autobase wash systems

—— Mercedes-Benz china

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“Aoba” industry Update

Trung Quốc “Aoba” industry Update nhà cung cấp

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Place of Origin: Beijing
: CE, ISO90001

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Packaging Details: Wood Package
Delivery Time: 30Day
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
Supply Ability: 20 set/month
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“Aoba” industry Update

“Aoba” called “Brother” in the Korean dramas and also call “Autobase” as “Aoba” in industry , but This referred to as "the word also seem to be very kind, very interesting.

"Aoba" as a global leader in automatic car washer technology leading brand, Because "Aoba" focus on spirit and understanding of the car, as well as "Aoba" has brought remarkable progress
"Aoba" in the field of automatic washing machine has twenty years of time,The process has experienced a lot of product development and manufacturing, In 2013, "Aoba" made significant adjustments to new brand positioning for its products as well as specialize. By the original full automatic cleaning system in the field of research and development and manufacturing into specialization "passenger vehicles" of professional cleaning equipment research and development and manufacturing, make out of product segmentation and management in the segmentation field,focus more on small vehicles in the study of professional cleaning solution,More emphasis on assembly line without people operating automatic wash system development. It has passed over the past few years the efforts of the global technical engineers, the autobase carwash adequately validated, Let "Aoba" professional car wash equipment based on Benz, BMW, Bosch, such as the United States, Germany, China in the true sense of the world's high-end customers market
"Aoba" will get the cognitive and understanding by global car washing industry and we will continue to pass professional car washing sprite and complete car washing solution and ask "Aoba" of Global partners to get more and more benefit. We will continue improve the small cars washing equipment technology, emphasis on specialty have to do it. Market segmentation has become a , strategy of "Aoba" According to the real demand of market segment, Brand has carried on the three-dimensional segmentation processing including:
AUTOBASE own Autobase (Autobase Car Wash System), TEPO-AUTO(TEPO-AUTO Car Wash System), TOPTECH (TOPTECH Car Wash System) and BX (BEIJING STAR) four brands
It own 31 business institutions who take charge of Autobase company products and service.
AUTOBASE car washing equipment field cover complete menu control small car washing line and it can realize unattended work and selected functions model of hardware and software to match.
Tepo-auto Car Washing Machine have into the top three ranks of global sales which get the customer's affirmation and support. TEPO-AUTO washer professional development after the new comb reciprocating car washer and standard of high-end tunnel car washer.
Beijing star (north star) is which the autobase car wash system promote middle brand for chinese market and all technology are from Autobase technology team basically and this is Autobase technology new products and display middle brand unique charm.
TOPTECH is one customized high car washing machine promoted by Autobase in 2007 year include customized products,mainly use passenger vehicles washing machine as the development direction. In 2014 year, this brand reposition by Autobase and The develop new top technology in the world through the type line car wash system, this products start complete on June, 2015 year
“Aoba” welcome you to continue to support and attention us and we as always supply global advanced car washing technology and complete solution.

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